About Us

I'm Megan, He's Devin

We're best friends. And dating.

Our goal: hike as many hikes in Utah as possible. Maybe we will even branch out of state one day.

I grew up camping and have always loved hiking. Whenever my family went somewhere we never did the really serious hikes. I always said I would go back and do them. Now's my chance! Since we started hiking seriously Devin and I have found places in Utah we didn't even know existed, right in our backyard. Who knew!

I am a dog groomer. In my spare time I ride my horse, play with my dog, mess around with parkour, wakeboard with my family, snowboard in the winter and of course hike and camp. 

He has a desk job. In his spare time he searches amazon for our newest gear, watches survival videos and plays with his extensive knife collection. And of course hike and camp. Nothing makes him happier.

We also have a mini aussie puppy named Kaiya. She's a trooper and loves to come hiking with us.

Our goal? Hike as many hikes in Utah as possible

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